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Next time I will… July 20, 2009

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Upon reading Claire’s blog of reflection, I’ve decided to do the same. This has been a huge learning process, huge. First, I learned that research projects do not grow on trees, nor do willing survey participants, nor does valid data. Secondly, I discovered how important it is to enlist the right people to guide you on your research path. Thirdly, I learned how valuable the criticism and encouragement of other researchers is. No two minds think alike, and therefore, the more, the better. And finally, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. I’m wrong a lot, and  I have a lot of room to grow–this is a good thing–I think. 

Today was filled with lots of writing, commenting, and postering. One week left!


2 Responses to “Next time I will…”

  1. akzalud Says:

    Hey Jami! I really liked Claire’s blog posting about what she learned, and I really liked that you did one too! Maybe I sound a little campy, but I feel like taking a step back and looking at the other lessons involved is always a good thing to do… For me, it keeps experiences in perspective. Good luck with the final stretch of research!

  2. mlkreport Says:

    I hope you keep up this blog when you re-do the surveys. I’m really interested in seeing the differences in your data. I have to agree with you that it has been a huge learning experience attempting undergrad research. I probably learned more from the process than from the data 🙂

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