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Presentation July 15, 2009

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After the presentation today, I received many thoughtful questions and comments. Many of them reinforced things that I have already learned will strengthen my research in the future. This week, I’ll be finishing up my paper, commenting on others blogs and starting to pull together my poster. I also need to ultimately figure out an effective way to present my comment data.


4 Responses to “Presentation”

  1. evsociety09 Says:

    Jamie, I enjoyed your presentation and now was wondering how you are going to go about changing your survey to get better results. Im sure Rich has helped you alot in the planning of the survey but I am interested in what you think will be a better way to get the results? Are you going to try and be more forceful or just hope again that they send it back to you? Maybe if you show how important their responses will be they will be more apt to send the survey back to you.

  2. B. F. Pons Says:

    I also enjoyed your presentation, it was very enlightening. I think what might be helpful is for you to make a post about exactly what you are planning for your second round of research. For example, say how you are going to change your gathering data method, what you will do differently, whether you will be adding something or not doing something.

    But regardless, great job and good luck!

  3. karlgiu Says:

    Along with Bo’s comments, I am curious about the nature of your future study. Much your study seems to attempt to gauge the success of the program. What group will you use to evaluate this? Furthermore, based on your selected group and the dual system of funding, how will you attempt to understand what the public thinks about this program?

    I raise the last question with the hope of denoting the difficulty of gathering information from those within the program and assessing the total perception of the program and its future of those outside the scope of the program. Also, I raise the dual system of funding, in part, to question how and in what ways such information would impact those who wish to continue or discontinue the program (I assume, of course, that they are not aware of this system at first?

  4. usdneuro Says:

    Nice job on your presentation last week, it was very interesting to find out more about your project. A question was raised about what you are going to do with your final results, and I was curious if the SDAC plans to use them to lobby for funding?

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