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Local Sculptor July 10, 2009

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Today, I’m finishing up my 1,500 words and putting my presentation together. Yesterday, I had the privilege of talking with an artist who has been involved in the program for over twenty years-Nancy Losacker. She said she stopped counting how many residencies she’d done several years ago. The interview was great, light-hearted, and informative. The most fascinating thing I learned from the interview was how consistent the program has been throughout the years. In the 1980’s, the program sometimes accounted for over a third of some artist’s yearly income. She said she personally liked to work one-on-one with students (her expertise is sculpture and mosaics) while other artists try to involve all students at the same. Over the years, she’s developed personally relationships with other artists and many of the key players in the arts council history. It was very enlightening to speak directly to someone who had seen the program evolve over the years.


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