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Analyzing Data July 8, 2009

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Today, I met with Dr. Braunstein about how to properly analyze my data. After downloading the data from my survey, he explained cross tabulation and how it might apply to my project. We also talked about my sampling procedure and other things that should be done differently if I continue the project beyond this summer. It’s great to have someone else look at my project and send it in the right direction. It’s also great to have some help with the statistical analysis part. This week, I plan to finish the analysis of my data and write that portion of may paper. I’m still unsure of exactly how I’m going to incorporate the comment portion of the data, so I’m saving that section for last. I’ll also be putting together my presentation in the next few days.


One Response to “Analyzing Data”

  1. Katie Graves Says:

    I don’t envy the data you’re having to analyze! Were you going to use this towards an honors thesis? If so, had you thought about including the budget cuts for the arts in general? I’m sure there’s plenty of data regarding that! I was also thinking back to high school the other day.. and we had “Yamaha Performing Artists” come in a couple years for our jazz band. They would play with us for a couple days and then perform in a concert with us, which was a really neat experience. I think the way that worked, local businesses donated along with the high school paying some. If the SD council wasn’t able to obtain funding anymore, programs like YPA may still be an option for schools. I don’t know if that helps you at all..

    Good luck finishing your project and I’m looking forward to your presentation!

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