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Data! July 2, 2009

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Next week, Dr. Braunstein will be helping my make statistical sense of my survey data. Because of my sampling errors, (Those who I sent the survey to had the option of filling it out. Those who feel strongly about something, one way or there other, are more likely to fill the survey out) I realize my study could be a lot stronger. This is disheartening, as I wish I would have consulted with someone like Dr. Braunstein before I began this project. On the other hand, the data and comments that I have collected show great promise. If I were to extend the study into the school year and go about the survey in a different fashion, my results will be more valid. This is an option I am more open to all the time.

I am also hoping to meet with a few artists next week. Although I surveyed the artists involved in the artists in the schools program, John Day (head of USD art galleries and longtime member of the arts council) advised me that an interview with one or more artists that had been in it since the beginning would be beneficial. I agree. This could be very interesting. 500 words to go for Monday!


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