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Catching Up June 11, 2009

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As I missed the first week of research, including orientation, I have felt behind since the very start. Last week, I believe I made some progress on closing this gap. After the survey was created and reviewed, the real task began. I believed finding teachers(who I wanted to survey) in the summer would be difficult, but low and behold, technology came through in the end. Most everyone I needed to reach had their email addresses somewhere online. With much tedious compiling of addresses, the cover letter and survey were sent. A moment of triumph! Whether or not the teachers would check their email in the summer, I was unsure. I now know, however, just how dependent on technology we have all become. Of some 2oo recipients of the survey, 10 filled it out within the first two hours! 

My next task was getting the survey to artists involved in the Artists in the Schools Program. With the help of Michael Pangberg, the new director of the council, this was quickly achieved. I’ve also decided to enlist the help of Pat Boyd, the director of South Dakotans for the Arts. She is extremely knowledgeable on the work of the council in recent years. I believe that the more people I consult, the more likely I am to reach my goals or perhaps the goals that would be most beneficial to South Dakotan tax payers.


One Response to “Catching Up”

  1. Hello, my friend. Hope research is going well.

    My questions center on your survey. This survey seems to be a huge part of your research. So I have some questions for you that might help explain your research to someone like me. Maybe you can respond via a blog but, certainly, the communication medium is your choice. Either way, I am excited to learn more.

    I am really curious what your survey intends on understanding. So maybe you could post your survey. I would like to read it.

    Furthermore, what or who does the survey aim to gauge and why? To what or whom does the survey pertain?

    I read that your survey was aimed at 200 people? I am curious who these people are and how they fit in your survey? How generalizable is the survey? How do you understand its applicability? What is the purpose of the survey? What type of audience does your research need or hope to reach?

    I am excited for you that ten people have already responded. I hope that you get some good responses!

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