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Hello world! May 29, 2009

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Beginning a research project is daunting. To envision myself conducing my own research for  the next few months is even more far fetched. But in the first week of the project, I’ve already learned a great deal about what this kind of research entails. First of all, I’ve discovered that not all surveys are tedious and ridiculous. There is actually a method to all this facebook survey madness. If created correctly(and in the right order), a survey can determine a pretty good idea of how a person feels about something. More important than my discovery of surveys, is my awareness of the huge slice of humble pie that undergraduate researchers are forced to gnaw away. No government official, no dean of such-and-such school, no discoverer of type 5 disease X wishes to waste precious hours divulging petty information to help Johnny with his research project. Perhaps this front will lighten with time and persistence. I have new found respect for social researchers everywhere, and will gladly take any survey for the sake of discovery.